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Treatment Procedure

Patients undergoing our treatment will have to undergo a three stage procedure.



 Follow Up


A direct consultation on appointment or a telephonic consultation for outstation patients will be made by qualified naturopathy and yoga doctors who have completed their Bachelor of Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences (BNYS) degree from any recognized university in India.

The doctors after completely analyzing and interpreting the disease and need of the patients, will recommend the suitable treatment package. Please do not forget to bring your medical reports and medicines.



In-patients as well as out-patient treatment facilities are available. Well-trained and qualified male and female therapists will administer the treatments as per the doctor’s prescription. Well-maintained and hygienic treatment sections and yoga studios are arranged separately for male and female patients.




Once discharged from our hospital, the patient is advised to have regular follow-ups at prescribed interval either through phone, email or personal visits which will help us in ensuring your health.




 Intensive Disease Reversal Programs-21 days

 Long Term Therapy Package -14 days

 Short Term Wellness Package -2-7 days


 Well furnished hygienic rooms with 24 hrs hot and cold water supply

 Triple sharing or double sharing economy rooms–male and female

 AC / Non AC deluxe rooms

 AC suit room


Natural, wholesome, vegetarian and organic food consisting of both raw and cooked variety will be provided as per doctor’s prescription, chiefly sourcing from our organic farm.


As a part of our commitment to Mother Nature, we have started to develop an organic farm with lots of fruits and vegetables. Milk, buttermilk, manure and fertilizers will be supplied only by our dear cows of Kasaragod dwarf variety.

A ‘prakruti’ restaurant located inside Samyama will serve the public with delicious, natural and wholesome satvik food soon.