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The term SAMYAMA comes from Maharshi Pathanjali’s famous text ”Yoga Sutra”. He describes it as ‘Trayamekatra samyama”, which describes integration of Dhyana (Concentration), Dharana(Meditation) and Samadhi(Union) for highest level of human transformation. We at SAMYAMA Hospital help you to develop a meditative awareness on your health through integration of body, mind and soul for personalized health transformation.

SAMYAMA Hospital –Trikaripur, is a unique holistic health centre that offers preventive, curative, and rehabilitative care through Naturopathy, Ayurveda and other holistic therapies combined with modern medical advancements. The facility is built and designed to provide high quality care primarily offering detoxification and integrated treatment programs, wellness programs for specific health conditions. Our team includes professionally qualified doctors and certified therapists who are specialized in Naturopathic Medicine and Ayurveda from reputed Medical institutions in India and are internationally experienced.