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Naturopathy is a drugless, holistic health care system which believes in the innate healing power. When given an opportunity, the body has the power to heal itself with the aid of natural treatments. Naturopathy emphasizes prevention, treatment and bringing optimal health through the use of therapeutic modalities which encourage the self-healing process. The centuries-old knowledge of natural, non-toxic therapies with current advances in health and disease prevention make the system both traditional and scientific.

The modern, fast paced, haphazard lifestyle of today has adversely affected the health and happiness of people. Yoga is one of the major options that has been recommended in order to reduce the adverse impact of the aforementioned lifestyles. Until a few decades ago yoga was known only for its spiritual aims and people believed it to involve the use of magic. In recent times, application of yogic practices as a therapeutic tool has become widespread. Several studies worldwide have conclusively proven the effect of yoga in the promotion of health and prevention of disease.

Most of the ills of our scientifically advanced but ethically primitive society are due to a loss of balance and lack of moderation. Yoga and naturopathy blends together perfectly in aligning the body and tuning the mind, thus bringing back the lost balance and moderation creating a new way of life.