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Mud Therapy

This involves application of mud which is collected, dried, powdered, and sieved from a non polluted and non contaminated area. The mud made into a paste is applied to the whole body or to particular parts as required. The application may be made directly on the body or may be applied as packs by means of wrapping it in a cotton cloth.

 It cools the body by retaining moisture for a longer duration.
 Absorbs the colors of sunlight and conveys it to the body.
 Opens the skin pores, aids in elimination and improves skin complexion.
 Aids in good blood circulation.
 Relieves pain and inflammation.
 Reduces swelling
 Improves digestion and peristalsis when applied to the abdomen.
 Mud pack to eyes helps in correcting eye disorders.

Diseases indicated:
Skin diseases (psoriasis, urticaria, leucoderma etc), digestive disorders, constipation, insomnia, eye disorders.