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This is a mode of treatment that uses water in all forms (ice, water and steam) for its application. The water is employed at different temperatures (cold, h ot, neutral) to get different therapeutic benefits.

1.Hip bath:

It is given in a specially designed hip bath tub in which water is filled enough to cover the hips reaching upto the navel of the patient.

It improves blood circulation to the abdomen and pelvis.
It helps in increasing the peristaltic movements and thus relieving constipation.
It aids in improving the functions of the eliminative organs.
Diseases indicated:
Digestive disorders, Diabetes, Constipation, Piles, Urinary incontinence, Menstrual disorders etc.

2. Spinal Bath:

The patient is made to lie down with the entire back and spinal column immersed in water in the spinal bath tub.

It is a very good relaxative treatment.
It relieves muscular tension and tones the nerves.
It stimulates spinal nerves.
Helps in reducing blood pressure.
Diseases indicated:
Hypertension, Back pain, Sciatica, Insomnia, Asthma etc.

3. Spinal Spray:

This tub consists of perforated knobs at the centre through which water at high pressure is made to spray throughout the vertebral column, thus giving a gentle massage.

This is also a relaxative treatment, similar to spinal bath. But its effect on nervous system is more intense and long lasting. Thus, it becomes a very good treatment for insomnia, nervous irritability, hypertension etc.

4. Arm and Foot bath

The patient is made to sit comfortably on a stool. The arms up to the elbows and the legs up to the calf muscles are immersed in water in a specially designed tub. This may be given separately for arm or foot.

Relieves cerebral and chest congestion
Improves circulation to the extremities.
Relieves pain in the hands and legs
Diseases indicated:
Asthma, Head ache, cold, cough, Insomnia, Menstrual disorders

5. Steam bath

The patient after drinking two to three glasses of water enters the steam cabin and is made to sweat profusely due to the emanating steam. This is immediately followed by a cold shower.

It is one of the main detoxifying treatment
Relieves pain
Aids in weight reduction
Provides muscle relaxation and relieves spasm
Improves blood circulation throughout the body
Maintains the health of the skin
Diseases indicated:
Obesity, Arthritis (Osteo, Rheumatoid and Gouty), Back pain

6. Facial Sauna

This includes the exposure of the facial area to steam. Herbs can also be added to it.

One of the beatifying treatment
Opens the skin pores and eliminates the toxins and clogged particles
Relieves nasal and cerebral congestion
Has good mucolytic and expectorant effects
Diseases indicated:
Sinusitis, Cold, cough, Migraine and other head aches, Acne vulgaris etc.

7. Packs

These are local application given to particular body part by means of two pieces of cotton cloth and a piece of woollen cloth. The first piece of cotton cloth is made wet and is wrapped on the body part (chest, throat, abdomen, knee etc) which is then covered by a dry cloth followed by the woollen cloth.

It has a very good smoothening effect
Aids in blood circulation due to vasodilatation
Relieves congestion
Has a good mucolytic and expectorant effect when applied on chest
Diseases indicated:
Local inflammation, pain, edema
Diseases particular to the local body parts.